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“Stirling – 獅子奮迅”
– by The 3

Mr.3 launched a new project. Unit “The 3” is it. The 3 was formed with Mr.3 and multi-percussionist Yanapee. And “Stirling” is the first sound for that. Please enjoy it that marching percussion and shamisen’s battle.

“Escape” music by Mr.3

“People know the sounds of traditional shamisen music. Shamisen Japan would like to introduce you to non-tradition shamisen music. “Escape” is the first release in a series of music performed by Mr.3. “Escape” to Mr.3 is the thought of escaping to freedom from the everyday stress around him.

Mr.3 is the stage name for Mr. Shibata Masato, who is one of the top Tsugaru shamisen players in Japan. He has played in Japan as well as overseas. He received the stage name Mr. 3 because of his love for the three stringed instrument call the shamisen.”

KENZO × 柴田雅人(Mr.3)

“YAMATODAMASHI” KENZO × 柴田雅人(津軽三味線)Kenzo Choreography/柴田雅人 ORIGNAL MIX

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  • Ikebukuro 16 minutes
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  • Narita airport 85 minutes
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  • Zen Garden” is only for you / 100% private
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  • My name is Kenichi and the owner of Shamisen Japan
Zen Garden - 3 mins to the station