Shamisen japan is a site opened to help spread musical instruments called shamisen to the world. I believe that you can more like the shamisen by explaining to you the kind of shamisen, its background, making and so on. And what we ultimately aim for is that the shamisen penetrates the world widely as an instrument. It is one of Japanese music instruments with a special environment such as school system and teacher system. We want the shamisen to be understood as an instrument that can be taken more comfortably and to be available at the side like the guitar. We will manage this website with such wishes.

History of Shamisen Japan

For more than 10 years, Planning Center Limited Company which manages shamisenJapan.com has developed business with shamisen players including Tsugaru Shamisen player Yoshida Brothers. In that exchange, we had opportunities to exchange opinions on future issues, and we decided to start Shamisen Japan ‘s action as its first step. Its sales activities are diverse, and in the future we will also do advertising, production work, product development, etc. and devote ourselves to contributing to the promotion of shamisen.

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    Chuo-ku kamimizo 4114-10, Sagamihara-si, Kanagawa, Japan