Hiroyuki Shimatani

Hiroyuki Shimatani(Tsugaru Shamisen)

【Birthday】12th October 1988
【Birthplace】Hyōgo Prefecture
【hobby】Driving by car and tour of hot springs

Since he was a young boy, he has touched piano, Japanese drums, folk songs, shamisen, etc. Beganning at the age of 14, he has learned how to play Tsugaru Shamisen and “Music” on “self-taught”. Although he was self-taught, he respected tradition and built his own performances. About his ability, he has won the prize at the Tsugaru Shamisen National Convention many times.


I do not have a teacher, and I have mastered the Tsugaru Shamisen with absolutely “self taught”. At the age of 20 I participated in the Tsugaru Shamisen National Convention and won the prize. After that, people of the Regional Performing Arts Association were admitted. Also, I decided to act as a professional player at that time. There are plenty of Tsugaru Shamisen players in Japan, but most people learn from the master and become able to play Tsugaru Shamisen. Therefore, I think that there are really few people who self-taught became professional Tsugaru shamisen player. From such a background, “self taught” is now a very big synonym for me. Please send ‘Shamisen no Charme’ to the world and try hard to make many foreigners know the shamisen. I also work hard every day, I will continue to do my best in music activities!

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