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The body of the shamisen is made up of a combination of the two parts of the SAO (rod) and the DO (torso).
Apart from the ko-uta style of ballad, which is plucked with your fingers, all other shamisen genres are played with the Bachi(pick) held like when you play a guitar.
The strings (threads) used in shamisen are called ito, and are extremely elastic twisted silk (sometimes Tsugaru and other use the nylon and The tetron for 2nd ito and 3rd ito, those are not threads).
The koma is the equivalent to the bridge on a guitar. It's used to transmit the vibrations from the strings to the skin body of the instrument, so, if it's wide, it will have a gentle tone, whereas if it's narrow it will be higher.
The itomaki are also known as nejime or neji (meaning ‘screw’), and they are usually hexagonal pegs getting thicker from the base towards the end you hold on to to turn.
Nowadays in Japan, if you talk about the shamisen, the Tsugaru shamisen is probably the most popular.


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Tsugaru Shamisen
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Now release

"Stirling -獅子奮迅" - by The 3

Mr.3 launched a new project. Unit “The 3” is it. The 3 was formed with Mr.3 and multi-percussionist Yanapee. And “Stirling” is the first sound for that. Please enjoy it that marching percussion and shamisen's battle.

Now release

"Escape" music by Mr.3

〜Comment by Mr.3〜
When troubling, losing the way and objectively seeing yourself when hitting a wall.
Why don’t you call out “let’s live freely by relaxing the shoulder”
Made this song hoping to help something to release your heart from stressful life....

"People know the sounds of traditional shamisen music. Shamisen Japan would like to introduce you to non-tradition shamisen music. "Escape" is the first release in a series of music performed by Mr.3. "Escape" to Mr.3 is the thought of escaping to freedom from the everyday stress around him.

Mr.3 is the stage name for Mr. Shibata Masato, who is one of the top Tsugaru shamisen players in Japan. He has played in Japan as well as overseas. He received the stage name Mr. 3 because of his love for the three stringed instrument call the shamisen."

Now release

KENZO × 柴田雅人(Mr.3)

Now release

Tetsuya Nozawa

it’s opened

Zen Garden-3 mins to the station

Luxury "和" House with 2 sweet rooms : Only 3 minutes to Hoya station.
- Ikebukuro 16 minutes
- Shinjyuku 29 minutes
- Yokohama 61 minutes
- Narita airport 85 minutes
- Haneda airport 69 minutes
*"Zen Garden" is only for you / 100% private
*2 parking space / Free
*24 hours supermarket and lunch box shop "お弁当" ,and Seven eleven around 3 minutes.
*Over 100 titles can enjoy movies with Laser Disc / Free
*You can touch real Japanese things / Arts / Tatami / Bath /
Calligraphy / wabi sabi

I am the Shamisen Japan owner here My name is Kenichi.

Zen Garden - 3 mins to the station

Royalty Free Shamisen Riffs

These are special riffs just for members of Shamisen Japan. Played by Professional Shamisen Players