Shamisen: Japan's Soulful String Instrument

If you have ever been enchanted by the sounds of traditional Japanese music, chances are you’ve encountered the haunting melodies of the shamisen. This iconic string instrument has been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries, captivating audiences with its distinctive sound and rich history.

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Shamisen Artists Providing Rich Experiences

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of traditional Japanese music with shamisen artists who offer an authentic and enriching experience, showcasing the beauty and depth of this ancient art form.

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Tsugaru shamisen

The Tsugaru shamisen is a robust and percussive variant of the traditional Japanese shamisen, originating from the Tsugaru region of northern Japan, known for its powerful sound and dynamic playing style.

Shamisen Videos for Musical Inspiration

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Dive into a treasure trove of captivating shamisen videos, offering a visual and auditory feast of traditional Japanese music, performances, tutorials, and more, perfect for enthusiasts and newcomers alike seeking musical inspiration and education.


獅子奮迅 | Samurai Spirits

Mr.3 launched a new project. Unit “The 3” is it. The 3 was formed with Mr.3 and multi-percussionist Yanapee. And “Stirling” is the first sound for that. Please enjoy it that marching percussion and shamisen’s battle.


(柴田雅人)| Samurai Spirits

Shamisen Rock “Escape” Japanese Instruments Clearly version – music by Mr.3

「Mr.3」は日本国内において、優勝回数最多の津軽三味線奏者である 柴田雅人が、海外での活動に向けて付けたステージネームです。「3」は三本の弦楽器である三味線の意味。「Mr.3」の初リリースが今回の「Escape」!す